Friday, April 24, 2009

Crocs, shocks and socks..... a modern dilemma

When Crocs first sprung onto the fashion (or lack of) scene, my initial reaction to this bizarre cross between clogs and gardening boots was 'not in my lifetime'. Why on earth would anyone put anything so ugly on their feet?

A while later and, well, I've kind of grown to like them, and in La France Profonde, where comfort and utility take precendence over beauty, I appreciate their usefulness.

So, not long ago I bought myself a natty pair of sky blue ones decorated with flowers. I think it's fair to say that they've hardly been off my feet. They are supremely comfortable, and what's more, they don't make you feet niff. (If only I could persuade DS to wear them!)

But, I've come across a little problem with them. Within a few hours of wearing, I've turned into my very own Van der Graaf generator - and not the 70s prog rock one either. I build up so much static that I'm throwing little bolts of electricity like some sort of modern day Zeus. I've always had a bit of a static problem. I have fond memories of the firework displays that my bri-nylon nightie used to produce as a child not to mention the time in Harvey Nicks when I went to call the lift and a spark of electricity a good 3 centimetres long shot from the end of my finger when I went to press the call button. My loud shout of 'bugger that hurt' drew some very disapproving looks.

The cats don't come near me, having all got shocks when I stroked them, particularly Barney Bananey, who even got a little bolt of static right on the end of his nose. I was on the telephone out on the balcony when I accidentally touched a screw, discharged the static and promptly dropped the telephone over the edge and only minutes later as I walked through the french door back into the dining room, I produced a crackle of static with attendant mini-lightning bolt that even the CH pronounced impressive - and it bloody well hurt too!

So, my dilemma is this. If I wear socks with my Crocs will I have more or less shocks? I'll look pretty stupid but life might be marginally less painful for all of us.


dND said...


Like you I pick up static too. The new extension in Leclerc is one place, every time I reach towards the shelf I get a shock and it's only in the new bit not the old bit. Similarly every time I get out of the car, bang!, one discharge was large enough to burn the paint off the edge of the door. I now make sure I don't discharge the static through the coded key as it's the only one I have and I'm paranoid about ruining it.

I've also just been introduced to the comfort of Crocs and was just about to buy a pair so I now have some doubt as to what to do. But as I get the static with anything other than bare feet it probably makes little difference.

Maybe we could attach anti-static strips to the backof the heels :-) And for the sock question I would guess that wearing socks would increase the static, think balloons rubbed on jumpers.

All the best,

Frankofile said...

You write what I thought about crocs. And like you I'm now wearing them nonstop. And even though I thought beige was marginally more tasteful I still forget to swap out of them when we have visitors. Oh the shame.

Hadn't noticed the static effect - though that was just dodgy electric switches :-)

Galli said...

Love them,in the shower on a verrucas for problem,swagger...static...I shaved all my hair off...SOCKS! comment regarding folk,socks,sandels.

Anonymous said...

Definately no socks!


PS Love my bright red ones.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

My children love 'em but I have succumbed to them as yet. I live in Blundstone boots but then I guess the climate between here and where you just a tad different let's say!

Ali said...

I'm sorry but I just say no to crocs. They are very, very wrong. However, if I were to succumb, I would probably go the socks - This was not a helpful comment, was it? Forget I said anything,

Phidelm said...
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justme said...

Noooooooooooooooooo! Crocs are WRONG!!!

(Very) Lost in France said...

JM - I know, but so comfortable..... VLiF

Anonymous said...

Hideous, yes. Seductive, yes. But a word of caution: since I started wearing them a year ago, my shoe size has gone up from a 5 to a 6. I think it's because they let your feet s-p-r-e-a-d out, and if you wear them a lot, the feet get used to it and resist being crammed into anything more structured. Damned good reason to buy a new wardrobe of shoes. :-)