Monday, April 27, 2009

A Plague on your House, Friends Reunited

'Tony C has left you a message on Friends Reunited'

And with those few words, my very first boyfriend is catapulted back into my conscience after over 30 years.

Not ' the love of my life'  sort of first boyfriend, more 'the mistake we all make when we are young and hormonal'.

Shall I/Shan't I?  

Of course I shall, just to satisfy my morbid curiosity.

Don't know if its the write person but it's me, Tony

Ah, good to see you got the hang of that ole spelling thing.

What do people expect of you after you haven't so much as heard their name mentioned in over 30 years? 

Hey, how are you? Married/Single? Children/Not?

Maybe we could reminisce about...

'The Time You Had My Name Tattooed on Your Arm' - and spelled it wrong!  

I can still remember the total horror that someone had had my name tatooed onto their arm for ever.  I remember you eventually changed it to 'Mother' although it never looked that good. What does it say now? How did you explain it away? And how the hell could you NOT know how my to spell my name!


'The Time I dumped you at the Smokie concert and you put your fist through a shopwindow and arrived home covered in blood so your poor mother thought you'd done away with me'

That was a really memorable occasion.  My poor father had worn a hole in the pavement by the time the concert finished - and was less than impressed to see his lovestruck daughter appear on the arm of her new beau. That said, he was infinitely preferable to the one he replaced.

or maybe even

'The time you ran into myself and new boyfriend in Weekes and threatened to kill him. We had to call the police to escort us out safely'

Yep, that was a good one too! The less said about that day, the better.

Ah, memories, memories....

I couldn't even remember who you were when I saw the message, in fact I thought it was someone from my primary school.

So, will I contact you?

Not in a million years!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog via The Black Box... Yeah. I know what you mean about going back thirty years courtesy of Friends Reunited or some other such vehicle. I went there myself and she was an aged vision of someone I once loved when she was young. It was frankly disturbing - those careworn lines that spoke of an unhappy marriage and unrealised dreams. And most probably she was shocked too for I am not the boy I once was even though he's with me every day. Some things and some people are best left in the locked filing cabinet labelled "Past".

Jon in France said...

Yep - and facebook is just as bad. It seemed like just a little innocent fun , but the people who ask me to be their friends...

Shakespeare's Housekeeper said...

Oh God!
That's all you need...
I came off FR because my ex husband kept pestering me.
Needed that like a hole in the head!

justme said...

Donb't do it! There is a REASON why you didn't stay in touch!

(Very) Lost in France said...

YP - when I read his profile, 50s, divorced 'between jobs', the picture in my head of the handsome 17 year old boy was transformed into something altogether less attractive. No doubt he'd think the same about me! VLiF

JiF - at least with Facebook I can maintain a certain anonymity as I'm registered in my married name with no mention of my maiden one. Not so easy for you boys though! VLiF

SH - well, he's sent me a whole load more messages since I posted. Maybe I should just send him a link to my blog! VLiF x

(Very) Lost in France said...

JM - exactly. When Friends Reunited started up I was contacted by loads of old school friends and I shortly realised just why we didn't stay in touch. We had nothing in common. I only stay registered in the hope that my old best friend in Australia will get back in touch. She had a rough few years and broke off all contact with her friends in the UK but I want to keep a line of communication open. VLiF

blogthatmama said...

Ha,ha! He sounds scary VLiF, I'd leave those messages unanswered. I recently got a message from a boy at primary school apologising to me for stealing my felt tips! Blogthatmamax

(Very) Lost in France said...

BTM - unanswered they remain! VLiF

Anonymous said...

A wise decision!