Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who rained on Sarko's parade?

Ooh la la!  There's nothing like the war to bring to the surface all those long hidden emnities not least in the British tabloid press.

'Queen snubbed' roar the tabloids after it emerges that the Queen isn't being invited to the 65th Anniversary of the Normandy landings. 'Nah, I didn't want to go anyway' responds HM.  So what's it all about? 

Thanks to the somewhat partisan output of Hollywood, which for many is regarded as a valid source of historical fact,  we all know that the liberation was the work of the US alone and a handful of brave French patriots don't we? We also know that the Great Escapees were almost to a man, lantern-jawed Americans, assisted by a few shiny cheeked British chappies with pinched vowels and handlebar moustaches. Clearly someone has forgotten to mention that in fact not one of the Escapees was American. And fortunately we have Saving Private Ryan to remind us that only the US was involved in the D-Day landings, so why would HM want to go anyway?  Apparently there's also a new film coming out proving the yanks won the Battle of Britain too. Oh how we will have to re-write those history books!

The British and Canadian troops didn'
t land on three beaches, compared to the US's two did they and don't forget we have the US to thank for breaking of the Enigma code, even though it was broken before the US even joined the war. 

So, it's understandable that the celebrity-obsessed Nicholas Sarkozy, who I'm starting to believe really is a Spitting Image puppet, should maybe not have that big a grasp of historical fact.


The self-promoting Sarko wanted it to be an Franco-US lovefest to celebrate the 'special relationship' between the US and France. Hmm, where have I heard that before?

Really it's so he can brown-nose the 'homme du jour' Barack Obama - who of course visited Broon long before he dropped in on the poison dwarf. Jealousy is a strong emotion! He wanted that photo-opportunity with Barack all to himself  though what he'll have to say to him, seeing as he barely speaks English, is anyone's guess but then, that's what he's got the multi-lingual Carla for. And you thought he just married her for her shapely behind!

In doing so he insulted, whether intentionally or not, the countries who provided the troops who liberated France. France itself just provided the battlefields. While it's easy to dismiss the frenzy whipped up by the tabloid press, the Canadians are also less than impressed with the situation.  In fairness it should be said that many French believe that it is impossible to hold a bi-lateral ceremony without representatives of all the countries involved and look on this as yet another of Sarko's messes. 

Back in the UK Broon said that the UK wasn't going to commemorate the 65th Anniversary as it wasn't usual to do so but as it is going to be the last gathering of the Normandy veterans a campaign to change this was launched by, what else, a tabloid newspaper and Broon bowed to public pressure and asked for an invite. 

Barack then said that he wanted the Royals to be there, thus pooping firmly on Sarko's parade but HM may or may not have spat the dummy and said she didn't want to come anyway. Step forward Prince Charles, who had convenient gap in his diary, to represent the Royal Family. 

You gotta laugh at a French President so keen to impress an American President that he forgets some of the things that they have said about his country. So just in case he's reading... these are for you M. Sarkozy

'I'd rather have a German battalion in front of me than a French one behind' - General Patton

'Going to war without the French is like going deer hunting without an accordion' - Norman Schwartzkopf

'As far as I'm concerned, war always means failure' - Jacques Chirac to which the response was...

'Where France is concerned you are right' - Rush Limbaugh

'The only time the French want us to go to war is when the Germans are sipping coffee in Paris' - Regis Philbin

'The only way we'd get to French to join is if we told them we'd found truffles in Iraq' - Dennis Miller

You can really understand why he thinks France has a special relationship with the US!


Anonymous said...

Fab post!

You're so right re Sarko, this "special relationship" seems to be a tad one sided.

Obama managed to fit in a 20 minutes briefing with Sarko before continueing with his sight seeing.

He's made a complete prat of himself.

McBroon must be kicking himself for the "Obama Beach" slip.


@eloh said...

Good article, I can't say I agree, but you make some excellent points.

(Very) Lost in France said...

NWbD - 'Obama Beach' slip? I missed that. Do tell! Shows he reads the papers though as one of them was referring to 'Obama Beach'. VLiF

@eloh - hi and welcome to my blog. I hope you didn't take it as anti-american, it was written with tongue firmly in cheek. A poke at Hollywood yes, but I'm a big fan of the US meself. VLiF

Who's who said...

Where is your "subscribe" button sweetie? I am such an air head, I find it so difficult to keep up unless it pops in my inbox!

(Very) Lost in France said...

Hi Who's Who and thanks for dropping by. I've now added a subcribe button at the bottom of the page under the blog posts. Silly me for not doing it before... VLiF

expateek said...

Ha. But it's always this way. I remember my husband slogging his way through Roy Strong's The Story of Britain and declaring with horror that the entire American Revolution had been summarily dealt with in one sentence. Husband exaggerated, but it was all of two pages only!

We're never the centre of other people's narratives... only of our own.

That said, good post.

Le laquet said...

Lmao! Thanks for venting/sharing I needed the laugh ... his spitting image puppet is scarily good!

(Very) Lost in France said...

Hi Expateek, welcome to my blog. You are, of course, completely correct when you say that we are not at the centre of other people's narrative. That's become very clear to me having educated my children in France for 5 years where they learn, naturally, the French view of history. The French seem to have invented everything and for whole centuries nothing of any note happened! VLiF

Le Laquet - nice to see you. The two are creepily similar aren't they? VLiF

Anonymous said...

In stead of saying, "Omaha Beach" in his speach, McBroon said, "Obama Beach".

Easy to do I think, but I bet he whinces every time he remembers doing it.