Friday, June 6, 2008

Can someone tell me if the first signs of puberty are the complete inability to locate the dirty linen basket? I'm picking up DS's socks from the bookcase, the window sill, the barn floor.... I know that by the time boys are in their 20s they've long since lost the capacity to put their dirties anywhere except the bedroom floor so is this the first sign?


Hadriana said...

Hi Very Lost in France - Just chanced upon your blog and like it very much. (Like thousands/nay millions...we have thought of moving over there so will read your blog with GREAT interest.)

Can't comment on first signs of puberty...if so my 4 year old daughter is very advanced!

Bon chance! A bientot.

Hadriana said...

Came via Dulwich Divorcee blog...

(Very) Lost in France said...

Hi Hadriana, thanks for dropping by. Don't believe all the daft 'I moved to France' books, they are most likely written by demented old fools. My blog will give you a much better idea!! I'll drop over to yours soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi VLiF,

I think perhaps it is more a boy thing than puberty thing. I recall as a female teenager being quite good at these things and even taking to doing some of my own laundry (saves the embarrassment, you know) ... but not my lazy younger brother who was waited on hand and foot by mother for years.

Even after he bought his own house (age 27) he still used to bring his laundry back "home" for Mum to do for several months, before figuring out how to work a washing machine itself!

Sorry, just my perception of boys, perhaps.

Thanks for your comments on my blog -- it's nice to know that other people experienced the awkward syndrome of being just a bit taller and slightly bigger than the average school kid!

I will add you to my Blogroll later today.

best wishes,

(Very) Lost in France said...

Hi Goodbyetoallfat, thanks for dropping by. Oooh, that sounds familiar about your brother! Mind,who I do love dearly, is now a single parent in his late 40s and my mum still seems to be constantly dropping by to do his ironing and washing and shopping and picking kids up from school and..... there goes my inheritance!! In my last year at school I was a house captain, it's a long story which I'll maybe go into another time, and we won the sports cup. Andrew Abbot was the boy captain and when they took our photos for the local paper, he about came up to my elbow! I was mortified when I saw the photo as it made me look like a great big hefferlump!

Shall blogroll you too. Thanks. VLiF