Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mouth open, foot in!

Never one to miss an opportunity to make a complete prat of myself, I made the most of the chance I was given today.

DS had a schoolfriend over for the day, a really nice kid from a nice family with a mother who wears fashionable clothes, doesn't have aubergine hair and has probably never line danced in her life. In other words, my sort of girl.

Said kid is a whizz at basketball and already plays for the under 15s French national team and sadly for DS, will be leaving at the end of term to take up one of only 5 places at a specialist sports college. Poor DS, every friend he makes leaves the area, some even the country!

Philippe, the papa who I've only met twice, came to pick Friend up so I invited him out onto the balcony while his DS got his things together.

I'd spent several hours trying to mend our parasol which was now lying in bits around the balcony. He politely enquired as to whether I would manage to mend it.

Ever keen to show off my grasp of the French language, and argot (slang) in particular, I used a phrase oft repeated by my neighbour.

The fact that the two boys, who had by now joined us, guffawed and ran into the garden laughing like drains, and the father's gave me a slightly shocked look and raised an eyebrow should have alerted me to the fact that I'd made a faux pas.

We bid our adieus and I rushed to check out my expression in my dictionary, worried about what I might have said.

Well, what I meant to say in response to his question about whether I could mend the parasol was 'No, it's had it' but what I actually said was 'no, it's completely f***ed'.

Ah, well, there endeth another friendship before it's even started!


MsCatCalls said...

ooh great blog glad I discovered you , I 'll be back ....

(Very) Lost in France said...

Mscatcalls, welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind words. What sublime kitties you have, mine are all rescue moggies so not nearly as posh! I also suffer from migraines so I can really sympathise. I think mine are stress related as they get much more frequent during stressful times. I've not found anything that helps except for sleep VLiF

Lehners in France said...

Hi, great faux pas.
I have an award pour toi chez moi. Debs x
You just right click on the photo and copy, add it to your photos on your computer and then import it to your side bar.
Bon weekend. Debs x

blogthatmama said...

Oh dear!He probably just thinks you're a tough talking independent woman who won't stand any nonsense from f****d parasols... blogthatmamax

(Very) Lost in France said...

Blogthatmama, Hmm, or just a foul mouthed foreigner...! VLiF x

Le laquet said...

Ha ha ha ... like the time I told friends of my parents (aged 16 I was living with them nr Bordeaux for 6 months working in a tourist office) that I didn't want anymore to eat because I was pregnant (non merci je suis pleine) I soon learnt to say "I've eaten enough!"