Monday, December 1, 2008

It drives me flipping mad!

Oooh err! December already! That means one thing..... by the end of the month I'll be another year older, something I find immensely depressing, not to mention a little bit galling because twice now I've thought I was a year older than I was.

"So, how old will you be on your next birthday" asked a neighbour of my parent's politely a few years back (and I'm not saying how many!)

"36" I answered confidently. After all, I'm a mature, intelligent person, educated to degree level, held some fairly high powered jobs in my time. I must know my age mustn't I?

"No you're not", said my mother

"Ummmm" I replied slightly less confidently

"You were born in 19XX (see, I'm really not telling) and this year is XXXX that makes you 35 next birthday"

A quick add up and damn, damn, damn, I am in fact a whole year younger than I've been telling everyone. I feel cheated.... I've missed a year of my life. Just think what I could have done with that year? I could have found the cure for warts (I won't go so far as to say AIDS), I could have been the first British astronaut in space, I could have invented some fabulous object that would have the Dragon's Den drooling. I could have been a double agent for MI6 and been parachuted behind enemy lines in Afghanistan (except I don't think there were any then), I could have directed a Bollywood blockbuster......I could have done so many things. But the year was lost so I did the decent thing and did nothing for the next year as I bemoaned my fate, to be 36 two years running!

A few years later and 'rebelote', as they say in France. I did the same thing. So now I've lost two years of my life.

Anyway, this year we're feeling the pinch a bit as the CH's last employer has failed to pay him. A minor oversight I know but not one they seem in any hurry to sort out. It would, of course, be churlish to 'name and shame' them and I'm far too mature to do that.

Bugger it, no I'm not! I lost two years of my life, does that make me two years younger do you think? Young enough to say GRAND PICTURES IN DUBLIN, you know who you are. Stop fannying around being media types and pay your poor freelancers or I'll put a hex on youse. An old Tinker's curse, so your Orla Kiely bags will turn to potato sacks and your account card at Brown Thomas will turn into a Netto storecard, you'll become invisible when you go to Lily's Bordello and Bono will forget who you are. Be afraid........ be very afraid.

So, no power tools for me this birthday or Christmas and the poor little offspring are really looking forward to their Christmas IOUs.

Anyway, it's great to have the CH back on the same landmass as me for a prolonged period. Ask me again in a month and I might be saying different. When you spend a lot of time apart you have to get used to each other again. He needs a gentle reminder that I watch every single property programme on the TV and that CSI is de rigeur (sorry, I'm letting myself down now!). That the world will keep turning if he misses an episode of 'Deal or No Deal' (I think it's his addictive personality that's responsible for his obsession with this dreadful show - given to us by the French actually).

But most of all he needs to know that adverts aren't evil and the homestead will not be permanently polluted by consumerism if he allows one to air. He has an almost bizarre (actually, there's no almost about it!) dislike of adverts and the minute they come on, he rugby tackles the 'holder of the remote control' (even though it's most likely him) and starts manically flipping through the channels. To be doubly annoying, he flicks through all the channels we can't even get so the TV shows a montage of 'You need to subscribe to watch this channel' and 30 second clips of the different programmes that are airing while we invariably miss the first few minutes of the next part of whatever we were watching. How can this be less annoying than adverts?

Answers on a postcard please.....!


dND said...

You're a December babe too - my birthday is the 26th and due to my age I take every opportunity to forget how old I will be then. My mind is actually convinced it's 20 years younger than I am while my body is looking forward to retirement - lol.

Good luck with the pay check and as for the remote control problem - it's a man thing I believe :-)

justme said...

I spent a year telling everyone I was a year older than I was too, about 10 years ago. Now I keep track.....but my mind definately thinks it is about 20 years younger than my body!

Lane said...

Ooh could you put a hex on a few people for me. I'd love to see some Cath Kidston bags turn to Asda carriers:-)

Lehners in France said...

Me and CH would definitely NOT get on well. You see I like adverts and quite often find they are better than whats on the telly. Debs x

(Very) Lost in France said...

dND - I'm the 29th. I was due on the 25th but my mum was determined not to spend Christmas in hospital so she sat down on the 20th and refused to budge till the 26th! I still think I'm 18 it's just the body and the brain that have other ideas! VLiF

Hey Justme - it isn't justyou then! VLiF

Lane - of course. Just send me details. I'm off out to buy the Sarkozy voodoo doll so I can change his face to some other people. Hexesrus! (sounds like a Roman general!) VLiF

Mme Lehner! As I live and breathe! Bienvenue. I promise you'd love the CH. Channel hopping is his only vice - well apart from his 'Deal or No Deal' obsession but I have to be nice as he's just finished all the ironing. VLiF

Shakespeare's Housekeeper said...

Always a pleasure to visit your blog, VliF...
It's probably all men, but i do think the 'media men' have the edge...they certainly believe they are above watching the reality programmes and the ads!

SH xx

dND said...

I was due the 25th too but hung on till the 26th. Not a good time of the year for a birthday I feel, far too long to wait for more presents so I now have an official birthday just like the queen, on the 26th June :-D